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We provide solutions that will take your productivity and efficiency to the next level.

Diktamen provides an all-in-one digital dictation and transcription system. Our system features advanced workflow management and resource planning to optimize the use of resources. Diktamen's Digital Dictation, Voice Recognition, Transcription and Enterprise Management Workflow solutions can be utilized independently or as a complete solution to fit your organisation's needs.

The main users of Diktamen's solutions are in the healthcare industry, such as Trusts, Hospitals and Private Clinics. Inside these organisations, the end users are GPs, Nurses, Consultants, Secretaries, Transcriptionists, IT Professionals and Administrators. Our solutions are beneficial to any organisation that utilises dictation or transcription.

Diktamen has been providing voice-driven solutions since 2007 and we are continually developing and improving our solutions. We provide a flexible platform that can be designed to work in any environment and integrate with your existing software. Our goal is to help transform your organisation into what you want it to be.